It is everybody's dream for the most luxurious products to also be affordable. And this is precisely what the Lamart brand is bringing to the kitchen cookware market. Our primary goal is customer satisfaction with all the imaginable requirements placed on kitchen cookware by today's modern households.

Tigăi, tigăi cu capac

FLINT LT1173 FLINT | LT1173 Tigaie antiaderentă 24 cm FLINT LT1174 FLINT | LT1174 Tigaie antiaderentă 26 cm FLINT LT1175 FLINT | LT1175 Tigaie antiaderentă 28 cm
FLINT LT1176 FLINT | LT1176 Oală cu capac 28 cm ALUE LT1178 ALUE | LT1178 Tigaie antiaderentă 24 cm ALUE LT1179 ALUE | LT1179 Tigaie antiaderentă 28 cm
FLINT LT1187 FLINT | LT1187 Tigaie antiaderentă 20 cm FLINT LT1190 FLINT | LT1190 Tigaie antiaderentă 28 cm FLINT LT1191 FLINT | LT1191 Oală Wok 28 cm
OLIVE LT1192 OLIVE | LT1192 Tigaie antiaderentă 20 cm OLIVE LT1193 OLIVE | LT1193 Tigaie antiaderentă 24 cm OLIVE LT1194 OLIVE | LT1194 Tigaie antiaderentă 28 cm
OLIVE LT1195 OLIVE | LT1195 Tigaie antiaderentă 30 cm OLIVE LT1196 OLIVE | LT1196 Oală cu capac 28 cm OLIVE LT1197 OLIVE | LT1197 Oală Wok 28 cm
OLIVE LT1198 OLIVE | LT1198 Tigaie antiaderentă 28 cm TERRACOTA LT1199 TERRACOTA | LT1199 Tigaie antiaderentă 20 cm TERRACOTA LT1200 TERRACOTA | LT1200 Tigaie antiaderentă 24 cm
TERRACOTA LT1201 TERRACOTA | LT1201 Tigaie antiaderentă 28 cm TERRACOTA LT1202 TERRACOTA | LT1202 Tigaie antiaderentă 30 cm TERRACOTA LT1203 TERRACOTA | LT1203 Oală cu capac 28 cm
TERRACOTA LT1204 TERRACOTA | LT1204 Oală Wok 28 cm TERRACOTA LT1205 TERRACOTA | LT1205 Tigaie antiaderentă 28 cm MULTICOLOR LT1012 MULTICOLOR | LT1012 Tigaie anti-aderentă Ø20 CM
MULTICOLOR LT1013 MULTICOLOR | LT1013 Tigaie anti-aderentă Ø24 CM MULTICOLOR LT1014 MULTICOLOR | LT1014 Tigaie anti-aderentă Ø28 CM MULTICOLOR LT1019 MULTICOLOR | LT1019 Tigaie anti-aderentă Ø26 CM
IRON LT1063 IRON | LT1063 Tigaie grill 24X24 CM IRON LT1065 IRON | LT1065 Tigaie grill 23,5X23,5 CM IRON LT1070 IRON | LT1070 Tigaie grill Ø25,2cm
MARBLE LT1112 MARBLE | LT1112 Tigaie anti-aderentă 24 cm MARBLE LT1113 MARBLE | LT1113 Tigaie anti-aderentă 28 cm MARBLE LT1115 MARBLE | LT1115 Tigaie anti-aderentă 26 cm
MULTICOLOR LT1120 MULTICOLOR | LT1120 Tigaie anti-aderentă Ø20 cm MULTICOLOR LT1121 MULTICOLOR | LT1121 Tigaie anti-aderentă Ø24 cm MULTICOLOR LT1122 MULTICOLOR | LT1122 Tigaie anti-aderentă Ø28 cm
MULTICOLOR LT1127 MULTICOLOR | LT1127 Tigaie anti-aderentă Ø26 cm CREPE LT1131 CREPE | LT1131 Tigaie 4 mini- clatite 26 cm ROCK LT1134 ROCK | LT1134 Tigaie antiaderentă 20 cm
ROCK LT1135 ROCK | LT1135 Tigaie antiaderentă 24 cm ROCK LT1136 ROCK | LT1136 Tigaie antiaderentă 28 cm ROCK LT1140 ROCK | LT1140 Tigaie antiaderentă 26 x 26 x 4 cm
ROCK LT1141 ROCK | LT1141 Tigaie antiaderentă 28 cm ROCK LT1142 ROCK | LT1142 Tigaie cu capac 28 cm ROCK LT1144 ROCK | LT1144 Tigaie Wok 28 cm